10 incredible simple health tips for everyday living

Health tips for how everyday living

Here are 10 incredible simple health tips that each woman should know about her body, mind, and soul, and always consider in her everyday living. 

"Health is wealth." Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

Good health isn’t just about exercise and healthy eating habits, it’s also about having a positive self-image, attitude, and a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, which implies taking good care of ourselves (our body, mind, soul), we all know the basics and the theory (instilled in us since we were just kids), but somehow we forget about it along the way, as life gets busy, bad (easy) habits appear, and comes the moment when we need a reminder of what we need to do to help us stay fit and healthy, and recreate a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy habits for women
Healthy habits for women - Flickr HellCrisis

10 Tips to living a healthier life - simple things a woman should know to improve her health and lifestyle

1. Never stop being yourself

I think everything starts from having the courage of being yourself and hold on to the real you.

You, dear friend, are beautiful, kind, unique, and remarkable!

You had an absolutely interesting life, encountered so many cheerful moments and also plenty of tough ones, you’ve learned a lot about yourself and every single thing around you, and you’ve managed to do your best possible.

And here we are, at the moment in your life when having all the possibilities you are willing to hold, and also daring and willing to learn a lot, tweak a few, expend your knowledge, experience life even more, and do whatever you like treasuring yourself.

Never stop dreaming and being you! 

You are you, and that’s the most wonderful person there could be.

Don’t let go of that little girl that grew up chasing dreams and butterflies and building sandcastles.

All these are part of life. No matter what life brought to you, keep your head high and walk with the knowledge of who you are and became. And for an occasional boost, simply add a touch of kick-ass lipstick, wear your favorite dress and heels, read from your favorite book while sipping from a delicious cup of coffee… or a glass of fizz!

2. Simply start exercising to improve your health and fitness level

This is obvious, especially for us – women over fifties, but shouldn’t be taken as an unfriendly chore, but as a change with fantastic benefits.

Start caring for your body now and you'll be grateful to your younger self as you age. The more you're taking care of your body and mind, the more you’ll feel the amazing results and benefits.

It's quite straightforward! If you’ll decide to start exercising right now, the longer you’ll do this, the better you’ll feel, have a better mood, posture, and tonus, and the more you will benefit in the years ahead of you.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to run the Marathon, join expensive gym places, or invest in the latest sports equipment or gadgets.

All you’ll need is determination, planning for your own health, comfortable sportswear, start and finalize with a body stretch, plus adding some fun and variation in your exercises that you do enjoy to keep everything interesting.

These workouts can do wonders for your health. They'll help keep your weight under control, improve your balance and range of motions, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, control bladder function, boost general wellbeing, and forget about stress.

Walking also comes as an exercise and each person should walk as much as possible every day – read about how walking can change our life

So, once you get into a routine, you'll start to enjoy it more and more.

We, women, can also influence each other by exercising and enjoying our lives joining a group, or attending activities with friends.

And keep in mind that it takes from 21 to 90 days for you to form a (healthy) habit! 

3. Control your appetite and eating habits

You should only eat when you feel hungry and as much as possible in small and balanced portions.

When the hunger appears one hour after having your meal, try to drink a glass of water, and stick to a regular eating plan and hours.

Avoid excessive sugar, trigger foods and play with the “allowed” foods that you favor, and introduce new once (especially leafy greens and fruits) gradually to help have a colorful plate in front of you, that will bring lots of nutrients, flavors, and will also taste better.

Introducing a varied range of fresh, healthy, and colorful vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, will balance your energy levels, boost a healthy appetite, and even the curiosity for a new vegetable, seasoning, or recipe.

And keep in mind that you don’t have to overeat when you feel hungry, quite the opposite, you should get used to eating less, and let the stomach a bit empty after each meal.

If you would like to enjoy a slice of pizza or an appetizing cake once in a while, it’s perfectly fine!

What matters is to don’t overdo it, and stop the yo-yo habit.

And do not overlook the fact that weight gain or weight loss happens over time not overnight, but gradually, following a poor diet and lifestyle habits.

Yet do not worry, with some determination and planning, and preparing your own meals, you can reverse this! 

Healthy food for everyday living
Healthy food for everyday living - Pixabay Bernadette Wurzinger

4. Drink more water, and make water your best friend

Once in a while is beneficial to your health to stop that fizz, or indulge it only on weekends and special occasions.

“To be healthy you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily“ - we hear this every time, over and over again, and read about everywhere...

For some, not feeling thirsty, could be quite a hassle to force themselves drink 8 glasses of water per day, yet do not forget that our body is over 70% water, so it is our “duty” to maintain this healthy level and find a way to replenish it constantly.

Water is important for our bodies to function properly. Water is helping to maintain our full-body functions, carry nutrients and oxygen, full brain functions, avoid headaches and urine infections, and remove waste.

Since we lose water daily through urine, bowel movements, perspiration, and breathing, we need to replenish our water intake to keep a balanced hydration level.

The first sign of dehydration is being tired, sleepy, and feeling your skin like a paper sheet!

Just add a slice of fresh lemon, lime or orange (or even all of these), and mint leaf to your morning glass of water, and you’ll feel the delight of the most simple, healthy, and energizing drink.

Keeping your body hydrated will make you feel good, your skin looks rejuvenated, and all-in-all you’ll feel fantastic.

5. Improve your sleep for a healthy and happy living

Hmmm, they say (not me, don’t shot the messenger!) that lack of sleep causes premature aging and you don’t want that!

A proper night's sleep is amazing, and we all need to sleep more and allow our body and mind to rest and rejuvenate.

We surely know very well how odd could be the feeling next morning after lack of sleep or a very poor night sleep…

We should wake up feeling well-rested and eager for the day ahead.

Evert time when we cannot manage to sleep enough during the night, we feel drained of energy, moody, which may seriously impact our day-to-day life, work performance, and mood.

Getting enough sleep will make our life easier, our mental health and body healthier prevent heart problems, helps us maintain a healthy weight, allows muscles and our cells to repair themselves, and even ensures our immune system functions correctly.

Keep your bedroom clean, airy, no clutter, have fresh bed linen, ad a drop of lavender oil on your cozy pillow, no radio/ TV or other devices, avoid using and keeping your mobile on, keep lights off and the room temperature cooler, eventually take a nice shower before going to bed, use very comfortable nightwear, drink a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric, or a cup of chamomile or lavender tea, relax and use a meditation app half an hour before.

6. Nobody is as critical about yourself or your own body as you are - accept imperfection!

Most people are usually unnecessarily worried about their own image in front of others, and start looking for imaginary flaws and inadequacy about themselves.

We have to understand that no one, but absolutely none is perfect, each one of us has amazing qualities, and some imperfections, and as long as we are a good, decent, balanced individual, we have to learn to correct few flaws, emphasize our qualities, and accept our own self, the beautiful person within.

7. Feel good, think good, look good in daily life

Once you are learning to take proper care of your body, mind, and soul, and cherish every bit of them, you’ll start noticing the benefits and an amazingly positive change in everything you do and feel within yourself and around, and you’ll look amazing. Super simple!

Forget about useless, damaging negative thoughts like jealously, insecurity, or materialistic aspects.

With no regret, purge all negative people from your life.

Focus on improving your confidence and grace.

Practice good dental hygiene and show your smile!

Learn to meditate and reward your beautiful soul with moments of simplicity and ease.

Do not blame yourself or anyone else around, learn to set boundaries, prioritize things, and work for your own good taking care of yourself.

Try to forget about that instinctive desire to help those around you, especially those whom you care about, and start learning to love yourself. Your mission is done by now, and you need to find joy over fifties.

You are the most important person in your life! The 7 super simple ways to find joy in life over the 50s.

8. Your size doesn’t (always) control your health

Our lady parts are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Moreover, would be nice, yet not quite realistic to expect at our age, ladies in their fifties and over, to look the same as we were in our 20’s.

There is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about unless something changes noticeably and drastically in a very short period of time. In which case you should pay a visit to your doctor, have an open discussion about such changes and your worries, have a complete medical assessment, then follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Some persons could be very thin, others lose their body shape over the years, while some others could be far larger in size yet in excellent health. We are all different which is gorgeous. So, stop comparing your size to others.

The only important thing, and main concern, is to be healthy and feeling good, because as mentioned earlier: once you feel amazing, you look amazing! 

Healthy everyday living
Healthy everyday living - Pixabay StockSnap

9. Take your time

At this stage in our life, our main concern is our own wellbeing and to enjoy every moment.

Do things that make you feel good. Really good!

Being. Breathing. Eating. Sleeping. Loving. Doing. Gardening. Painting. Playing. Working. Exercising. Walking. Traveling. Soak in some sun.

Caring about our dear ones… and our furry pets.

They are all important.

10. Allow yourself to feel and enjoy life

We, women, are compassionate and sensitive, have an amazing heart, and can handle most odds that life brings on our way, making us braver and a better us every single day.

Allow your heart to spread all those unique and wonderful sensations, don’t restrain yourself, and don’t be afraid to feel.

No one knows what’s right for you better than you.

Learning to live with your feelings makes you resilient.

Experiencing and sharing feelings makes you brave, not weak!

We are humans, not cold robots, let your emotions speak out loud and, if you prefer, write them down.

Can you imagine how weird could turn to be an entire world without feelings and emotions?

So, unleash that colorful rainbow of emotions that runs through your heart and celebrate yourself!

Hope that after reading the above 10 health tips for how to improve your everyday living, you'll start implementing them and enjoy the amazing benefits of a healthier you.

Living a healthy lifestyle involves making small changes in your everyday life habits that will soon improve your general health, outlook, and everyday living.

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