How does burnout affect women?

How does burnout affect women? Find different ways to eliminate it from your life today!

In the past few decades, burnout has become quite common all over the world. Workplaces have evolved quite a lot during this time, and they continue to be extremely stressful and demanding. While burnout affects both men and women, the truth is that women tend to suffer more from it as a result of a complex of circumstances.

I know, I know, the main purpose of this blog is to recall and bring joy for women over fifties, yet we do need to cover some sensitive topics, as well, to realize where we are at one moment and how to do our best to improve our life. No joke, we only have one life and do need to make the most of it!

Burned out overwhelmed woman
Overhelmed burned out women - Pixabay Franz Roos

Why are women more affected by burnout when compared to men?

The main reason why this happens is that women are less likely to obtain positions of power, often are overloaded with various tasks and increased responsibilities, meetings, and constantly juggling with deadlines. That leads to frustration and makes them overwhelmed with work. 

While things have changed on that front quite a bit, there are still many women still experiencing burnout due to this reason alone. So things can be very problematic and challenging.

Plus, the nature of their work makes women burn out at a faster rate. That’s especially true when it comes to women over fifties. They have already well-learned skills and getting new ones at this age sometimes could be rather difficult. Add to that thing like difficulties balancing family and work life, not enough authority at work and little time to spend with loved ones, then you will see how this type of problem will engulf your life and bring in a lot of potential problems.

A lot of women are actually choosing household chores as a way to escape burnout and do something productive. It’s a very distinctive approach, and it can work in the short term. However, you can’t expect this to work in the long run. It will just lead to a variety of challenges, such as narrowing your mind and not finding true solutions that would solve such a problem.

Stress continues to be the main thing that leads to burnout

Usually, you will notice that most women which experience burnout tend to have a lot of tasks to do in a short amount of time. Something like this brings in a major sense of anxiety that will eventually transform into a lot of hassles and challenges. It’s definitely the type of thing you want to address as quickly as possible.

Burnout brings in a lack of joy at work for women, and especially over 50. And since the stress levels are high, responsibilities are increasing and the additional work hours are adding up, things are definitely becoming harder and harder to deal with. This is why it can be more important than ever to identify these issues beforehand and deal with them.


Another reason why some women deal with burnout is definitely discrimination. many women are victims of discrimination and bias. They are dealing with a lack of career promotion, resource disparities, not to mention some bosses can treat them disrespectfully. As an example, more than 70% of women, physicians are dealing with gender discrimination. It’s important to note that women in their fifties are encountering this problem too, it’s very challenging and it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Burnout effect on women
Burnout woman - Flickr Finance Blue

How can women after 50 deal with burnout?

Burnout affects everyone, regardless of their age. However, once you’re over fifty, you will find it a lot more difficult to deal with. You don’t have as much energy and patience, so dealing with challenges is becoming more and more problematic. Which does bring the question, what can you do in order to try and overcome burnout properly? 

Here are some ideas you may want to keep in mind.

·       1. Try to take a few short breaks during the day. It might not seem like a lot, but taking breaks is great if you want to clear your mind and focus on the things you want to achieve. It’s not a simple thing to do, but if you tackle it right, it will be worth the effort.

·       2. Get support from your family and friends, even furry friends. When you’re dealing with burnout, you always want to have burnout someone that you can rely on. Even if it doesn’t feel like a lot from the start, every word counts and can make you feel better.

·       3. Get inspiration from other people. Everyone is dealing with some type of burnout, so you need to find sources of inspiration. Learn how Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and other celebrities are dealing with burnout, and adapt that to yourself.

·       4. Every woman over 50 needs to have her own relaxing activity. Cooking or cleaning is not one of them. Try to pursue your passions and find activities that really matter in your case (joining a book club, walking, gardening, dancing, hula-hoop class, cooking, knitting, etc). Hobbies help you unwind and relax, and you should totally check it out.

·       5. Practice breathing and mindfulness as often as you can. As you do that, you will eliminate stress from your life. Something as simple as breathing exercises can make quite the difference. Use that to your advantage, control your stress, and use a variety of breathing techniques, it will be worth it.

·       6. Change up your routine. Making some changes to your routine is not that difficult, as long as you plan everything beforehand. Try changing your diet, exercising more, socializing, even change your daily habits sequence. Even simple changes will help you eliminate burnout, all you have to do is to test these things out for yourself for the best results.

·       7. Try to perform some yoga. Yes, yoga is great for all ages, and it has the potential to remove a lot of stress and anxiety from your life. It will also bring in a sense of mental clarity, which is exactly what makes it so powerful in the first place.

Burned out woman tranquility
Burnout tranquility - Pixabay Ri Butov

If you really want to escape the things that harass you, what you’re needing is not to be in a different place but to be a different person. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca, "Letters from a Stoic"

Conclusion over how the burnout does affect women

It’s common for a lot of women to deal with feeling burned out nowadays. 

You really need to find ways to eliminate burnout naturally, and these tips and tricks will certainly come in handy. It’s definitely tricky to try and get past burnout, especially if you deal with stress and anxiety every day. 

But there’s always a solution, all you need is to find the right way to eliminate that and ensure that you obtain the best outcome. 

Is it going to be simple? Nooooo, not at all, yet you are brave, and if you do it properly, you will reap the benefits and finally focus on pivotal things in your life rather than always thinking about work and tasks you need to do every day!

Hey, dear friend, I've been there. Professional life is important, yet YOUR own health, wellbeing, and tranquility are at the highest value!

Work on priorities, take a break, find life balance, and gradually bring joy back into your life! It's worth it!

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