Unbelievable Glaciers, secret Caves, and Ice Caves in Norway

Unbelievable spectacular glaciers, secret caves, and blue-ice caves in Norway

The second lockdown… ok, then let’s make the most of this time spent indoors, think and plan thoroughly our next travel destination, definitely outdoors… 
What about more than a walk or a city tour, something completely different to challenge all your senses? 

If you are a healthy, brave enough, and fit woman over fifty and enjoy outdoor activities, and moreover you are a spelunker or cave diver lover, then what about a summer holiday visiting spectacular glaciers, secret caves, and ice-caves in Norway? 

You can also enjoy picturesque hiking trails, star-gazing, bird-watching, or join a Sami family to learn about old Scandinavian traditions for a more powerful experience.

Ice cave Norway
Ice cave Norway - Flickr Bent Velling

A bit about Norway's shape, landscape, and uniqueness:

As you may already know, Norway is a unique country, diverse in various aspects, with a funny, peculiar shape - long and thin - which makes it even more eye-catching, and offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of idyllic settings and exciting activities, and to mention a few: 

Hornindalsvatnet - the deepest lake in Europe
Sami culture 
Skiing in summer 
The Norwegian Fjords
The Midnight Sun
The Northern Lights

Svalbard Glacier birdwatching Norway
Svalbard Glacier birdwatching - Flickr Ashok Boghani

The Southern part of Norway has very nice small towns and villages with verdant greenery, lakes with turquoise water warm enough to take a (quick… very, very quick) bath, wild rocky beaches, and cozy restaurants. 

In the Northern part
, you'll be fascinated by mesmerizing wilderness, snow-capped mountain peaks, and hoppy shimmering salmon trout in the rivers. 

On the western side, you’ll fall in love with famous scenic fjords, you and pay a visit to polar bears, spectacular glaciers (The Jostedal glacier), majestic waterfalls (in the Sognefjord region), etc. 

Group trip to Glacier Norway
Glacier Norway - Pixabay Svein Nilssen

Impressive Norwegian Glaciers:

1. The giant glaciers in Svalbard 

Contain huge hollows and melted water channels formed in the glaciers during the summer, which form a kind of blue world of rooms, tunnels, and distinctive formations. During the winter these channels freeze, creating spectacular blue ice caves you can visit, they become stable, and one can enter some of the ice caves. The trips into the ice caves are led by certified guides and are suitable for all able-bodied people if you do not suffer from total claustrophobia or bat phobia. :) 

A fascinating, indescribable excursion into a glacier - by snowmobile using powerful headlamps - through a dry, frozen meltwater channel. This is a labyrinth of ice, with numerous blue and white ice formations, where everything looks like the masterwork of a perfectionist. 

2. Jostedal glacier

A spectacularly large, pristine ice cave beneath the Nigardsbreen region of Norway's Jostedal Glacier National Park. 

Nigardsbren Glacier Norway
Nigardsbren Glacier - Pixabay Jana VM

Unbelievable Caves and Ice Caves in Norway:

In Norway, the caves are mostly in Salten and Helgeland area and have all shapes and sizes. 

Some are very narrow that one needs to really squeeze going through them, while others are like huge cathedrals dripping with stalagmites and chandeliers of stalactites, waterfalls, and small lakes with fishes in them. 

Inside a cave, the temperature is around 5ºC all year round and inside the glacier is about -3ºC, so you have to wear proper clothing while visiting and exploring them.

1. Grønligrotta Cave

Grønligrotta is one of the largest and most visited caves in the Nordic region. This is also the only Nordic cave with electric lighting that makes it safer for walking inside. 

2. Jarlshola (The Cave of the Jarl)

Melhus in Sør-Trøndelag county 

3. Radiohola

Halsnøy Isl. (1.5 - 2 kilometers inland, on the top of a small clearing surrounded by forests, and can not be seen from low ground, which made it an ideal hiding place used by the Norwegian resistance during the second world war). 

4. Raggejavreraige cave

Located in a mountain above the Hellemofjorden in the municipality of Tysfjord in Nordland county, near the lake Råggejávrre, ~2 km South from the Musken village, and is a limestone cave that has been eroded by this underground river at 580 meters (1,900 ft) deep, being the deepest cave in Scandinavia and the only known deep cave North of the Arctic Circle. 

5. Longyearbyen ice-cave - Svalbard

A unique adventure of 7 hours dogsledding to the magnificent ice cave. 

6. Setergrotta Cave

For the adventurous and quite fit traveler, would be worth a two-hour guided tour of the Setergrotta Cave North of Mo I Rana. You can experience large Giant’s kettles, gigantic chambers, ice and limestone formations, narrow marble passages, and an underground river (yet not as long and spectacular as Rio Secreto, the massive "Mayan Underground" river in Mexico). 

7. The Magic White Caves of Gudvangen

Near Flam, inside the white mountain of Anorthosite, welcomes visitors with colors and darkness, silence and music, magic ponds, Grieg, Troll, and Vikings. You'll love it!

8. The Troll's Church

One of the longest Norwegian caves is a stone thrown away from Harstad/ Narvik Airport Evenes.
The cave is full of spectacular formations, large and small halls where the church hall (that can accommodate more than 100 people) is the heart of the whole cave system. 

On the roof about 20 feet above, you can see the reverse potholes from the time the entrance was only a few centimeters high about one million years ago, which makes the cave one of the oldest in this country. 

9. Tjoarvekrajgge (The Reindeer Antler Cave)

In the municipality of Sørfold in Nordland, has 502 m in-depth, more than 20 km in length, and is the longest cave in Scandinavia. 

Glacier people Norway
Glacier people ice Norway - Pixabay Jorg Petersen

Norway is one of the most expensive countries, but no doubt why is considered one of the greatest and most beautiful places to visit on Earth. 

It is home to more natural wonders than we can count, has striking cities, fascinating history, delicious fiskesuppe, legendary mysterious trolls, runes, magical fjords, caves and glaciers with breathtaking frozen crevasses, and the happiest people in the world.

Real woman over fifties, are you ready for a life-time adventure to visit the unbelievable glaciers, caves, and ice-caves in Norway, and mark the new joyful stage in your life? 

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