Embracing imperfection after fifty

How to accept and embrace imperfection after fifty

Do you ever realize that our imperfections make us unique and just perfect? Yes, ladies, we are so amazingly perfect imperfect, and should embrace this uniqueness that makes us shine!

And, on the other hand... being perfect (even if it's an abstract term), could turn out quite boring!

Well, talking matters our flaws, most individuals try to come up with ways to erase or hide their personality defects. You should instead, learn how to embrace the imperfections because everybody has something they feel unhappy about in their life. A lot of different things annoy people in various ways, for example, gaining weight, having a curvy bottom, limp hair, feminine personality for a man and vice versa, quiet attitude, giant body, 3 more wrinkles, cellulite, a sudden explosion of freckles, a loose belly after pregnancy, weak muscles after experiencing an accident, a broken tooth, getting bald, and many more. In other words, something must always be there to be worked on. Clear to say the grass is ever greener on the other side. Most of us will always think about getting something we can’t have. 

For some people it’s like a goal, making you struggle day and night to attain it, especially if one day you wake up looking back and noticing that life's odd paths didn't offer you what you dreamed or wished for despite all your goodwill and effort. Unfortunately, people fail to understand that some urges for self-betterment are mainly mean and destructive, often induced by mass-media and commercial ads. As much as it feels great to improve oneself, some obsessions only leave us skewed. The issue of comparing yourself to others not knowing that they must be lacking something that you have! A thing that people fail to realize is what you perceive as an imperfection in your life is what makes you stand out from others. You should be kind to yourself and cheer up your personality, even after fifty years of living. Let’s keep reading to learn more about embracing yourself after 50 and everything else to change our perception.

Woman imperfection after fifty
Woman imperfection over fifties - Pixabay JoseAlba

Accepting oneself completely

Who said imperfections are inadequacies? It’s relevant to stop seeing yourself as an inadequate human, instead express your being’s wholeness. I'll share with you a narrative to teach how our imperfections can be well channeled:

A man once had two large water pots, which hanged across his neck using a pole- each on the pole’s ends. One-pot was perfect but the other had a crack and could deliver a full water portion like its partner. It could always bring home half-filled water, which took place for one year. It often felt embarrassed for being imperfect, whereas the perfect pot bragged of its accomplishments. One day, it told the water bearer about the disappointment caused for that whole time and how ashamed it was. However, the bearer replied asking it had noticed beautiful flowers on its side of the path to his house, which was not on the opposite side. The water bearer confirmed that he understood the pot’s flaw and decided to sow flower seeds on its side at the path, so it watered them. He expressed how he happily plucked the attractive flowers for home decoration. And that was how meaningful the pot’s imperfections made it unique and precisely perfect.

A lesson from the story above is what we, unfortunately, regarded as limitations are fortunes enclosed s misfortune not knowing that well channeled correctly can bring a huge life transformation. You were born with different quality combinations. Please, be kind to yourself, and don’t pay attention to your weaknesses as a fault, but as transformation gifts to your being. It’s meaningless trying out who you aren’t. Furthermore, it’s hard to do that because maintaining this uneasiness and worry, over time will only wear you out. If you’re keen and observant, people will majorly mind your character rather than virtues and looks.

Imperfection and success in life

Did you recently celebrate your 50th birthday or any number after 50 and just feel unsuccessful in life? Maybe the feeling makes you think you’re a curse and a life failure? Well, I understand how imperfection can be frustrating. It makes someone wish everything could be right without settling for anything less. But please know the reality about how many things in your life’s journey are going to be a mess. It’s up to you to welcome the frustration or learn to embrace it and carry on.

Personal development is a journey with lots of pressure that never ceases. Don’t neglect your happiness and being grateful for the things you won. Again, never forget that you have to keep bettering yourself. Let any frustrating imperfection have its peace and make it a stair to your self-development. Your desire to be a better person should be a motivation except for ensuring it doesn’t result in frustration and unhappiness yet not achieving your objectives. It’s best to find out your unsatisfying points in life to assist in guiding your self-improvement. Imperfections are focal areas signifying that you should work them out.

Embrace imperfection
Embrace imperfection - Pixabay Ernesto Rodriguez

How can you accept life imperfection(s)?

Understand that negative energy is a human experience portion

Irritation, dissatisfaction, and frustration among others can result from imperfection. You could probably have an urge to reach greater heights, and not progressing (as you project this in your mind) pins you down... badly! Stop, breathe, reconsider, and smile! Don’t expect to be riding high all the moments in your life. Instead, focusing on life’s personal development should provide management tools for your emotions and help be in charge. It’s also impossible to totally get rid of negative experiences and thoughts as they are part of our life experience. Simply accepting that fact will make things go easier through the bad days and also restoring happiness, instead of keeping you stuck in negativity and damaging life patterns.

Know that failing can benefit you

Many people (and we, women, have such a destructive tendency) have thought of making failure the worst catastrophe. Do you know it’s through failure that someone gets to learn? Yes, that’s the greatest benefit of growing older and wiser. In life, you’ll have to fail several times before getting it. However, the more you fail the closer you move towards success. You’ll mostly feel angry and disappointed when failure knocks, it’s natural to everybody. But having a positive and better view of what failure can do later, it’ll be much simpler to accept and fight on. Failing could also be another way of saying you should readjust your goals and use a different approach to move forward. In short, it could be feedback to help find a positive, constructive way out.

Make peace with your life journey

You'll be amazed to see that quite rarely will you be lucky to improve yourself fast. You require time and discipline to achieve your individual development goals. For instance, there’s new habit formation, maintaining it, and slowly seeing changes over days, weeks, or months and even years. It may not go smoothly as said, expect stagnating or backsliding at some point. The slowed pace will get you frustrated and might even think of giving up. But remind yourself how good things come, they take their time. Therefore, don’t rush. The personal development journey is natural and implies spending a lot of time traveling through hardships mostly with happiness instances, but a shorter time at its destination. You cannot evade the bumps because they’re part of your journey. Suppose you make peace with this journey with a mindset that it’ll be less perfect, then be sure you’ll appreciate the ride at the end.

Understand that perfection is an impossible thing

Can you imagine living a perfect life? How great! Being in your 50s with a great investment, wonderful family with all children doing well in their life endeavors, admirable family relationships, abundant wealth, a lot of leisure and pleasure time, having a beautiful body in the right health, and lots of traveling and adventure. You realize that it an impossible standard for one to experience all these. Concerning self-improvement, something more is always there to be worked on. You can be fit but need to be fitter. Your investment or business may be doing well currently, however, there’s still more room for expansion that will always be in plans. Another example is having a healthy relationship, but always want to eliminate misunderstanding or conflict among other weaknesses. While it’s a good idea to commit yourself to a high projector, going after perfection is a bad thought. Accepting, on the other hand, that achieving perfection is impossible will help settle and accept imperfect things in your life.

A person is born to be real but not perfect

It’s through imperfection that you can practice kindness with your internal criticism. You should never rebuke yourself because the inner critics judge your weaknesses. Rather than starting a fight within yourself, take that chance to love yourself and embrace the disapproval. Concentrate on yourself and have an affirming dialogue with you. Learn to respect your feelings and emotions. By doing so, you’re likely to have your inner dialogue transformed reassuring yourself, instead of concentrating on what tears you apart. For people aspiring for inner peace, never think about perfection. It can only mess you making your life miserable. Try gratitude instead and get an open door to acceptance.

Work with what you have

Highlight the thing you feel is an imperfection, be it physical appearance, personality, or misfortune, and see what will happen. High chances are that it’s so much magnified in your mind than the reality. Almost all the things we hate about us are complexes, but not actually in a real sense. The best way to deal with such is embracing and learning how to work with their presence. By doing so, we’ll be able to steam out such negativity.

Imperfect perfection
Imperfect perfection - Flickr Gene Ellison

Imperfection benefits - why you shouldn’t quit

- We’re a human being and it natural that perfection can’t follow us all around. Imperfection comes with various benefits and it teaches more about imperfectness. The following are some of the many imperfection benefits;

- Admitting that you can’t do something can lead to asking for help. Accepting your flaws and being helped by others helps build your relationship with them. If you don’t reach out to family or friends when you can’t do something, it’s hard for them to come to you assuming that you need their hand. That’s why speaking up and sharing your weakness is sometimes important. You should help people around you understand your imperfections and needs.

- Imperfection can give the urge to practice a new thing. It can as well help try out something in a different way. Being unable to do things rightfully, you’re likely to try them differently with the condition that no pressure is imposed on being perfect.

- An imperfect person will readily understand other people’s flaws. Unfortunately, trying to be seamless means you might begin expecting the same from others. Nevertheless, with a better understanding of how tough it might feel being perfect, there’ll be no issues understanding what others feel. That way you’ll accept their weaknesses. 

- Self-love starts growing more and more after accepting your limitations in life. An imperfect individual will generally not do everything because it may not be easy, but once acceptance comes in, loving the few things you can perfect will increase your self-love and joy.

- Through imperfections, you can afford a smile from the things done in the past. Truly, you may get near perfect after a long struggle, especially referring to success in life, but you’ll learn numerous lessons from the blunders made. The silly mistakes earlier made can give you life lessons that you wouldn’t learn if not for striving through imperfection.

The bottom line

People are always trying to develop goals daily to make things perfect for their lives. But, have you ever accomplished all goals in good time and as intended? It should completely not bother you because we’re many in this. Several people in this world are imperfect but trying their level best to get there. Clearly, there’s nothing you can reverse in life when you’re unable. The best and only thing is accepting the limitation and sparing your peace of mind. Putting pressure on yourself to get that which you can’t have will merely strain and lead you to failure and frustration. 

It may be easy to find fun in dreaming about achieving perfection in life, but don’t forget how important it is not having perfection as your goal. The reason is you can’t have it measured, hence will leave you in sorrow for failure to attain what you wanted. There’s a lot of worth in striving for a higher mastery level, just put in mind that you’ll go through bumps and tough thickets, but this actual perfection can’t quite be reached. Additionally, achieving the balance between being in terms with what you own and striving for more is a difficult task. Admit to go through difficult times without self-criticism and you’ll get a better personal development ride. 

And do not forget that nature itself is not perfect, but beautifully imperfect! And so do you!

Simply enjoy not being perfect after fifty, embrace yourself, the amazing imperfect person you are and smile at life and all those sunny days ahead of you!

And you know something? IMPERFECT it's just misspelled, it should read I'M PERFECT!

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