Lovely coffee book shops in London

Lovely coffee book shops and coffee houses in London

If you are like me, both a coffee and books lover… or better said a coffee book shops addict! here are few options where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and curl up with your favorite book picked up at first sight or choice from nearest shelf.

One of the best treats in life is to have a passion for coffee and thirst for good readings… or vice versa and allow yourself to escape from the daily routine and busy places, find a cozy coffee book shop to offer you the best coffee and lovely spot to hide away, unwind and plunge in your reading delight.

To enjoy at fullest this, all you need is a book with a triggering topic, a comfortable seat overlooking a canal, pond, an inner garden with flowers in bloom, a park, or a well designed and welcoming room with a calm fireplace and bookshelves around.

To enjoy any of these rewarding activities, London offers plenty of places to have a good read and delicious coffee: coffee shops, coffee houses, coffee book shops, bookstores, second hand, and independent bookshops, and libraries.

Good book read
Good read book - Flickr Phil Squires

5 Famous bookshops in London:

- Daunt Books - an Edwardian bookshop on Marylebone High Street
- Foyles - the UK's largest range of books (suggest to immerse in a read at The Cafe at Foyles - Charring Cross)
- Hatchards - Piccadilly - established in 1797, is the oldest bookshop in the UK
- Southbank Centre Book Market - Waterloo Bridge - second hand and antique books
- Waterstones - Europe’s largest bookshop and a paradise for literature and books addicts (Canary Wharf could be a good option to relax after a morning walk around nearby Mudchute Farm)

Book shop - Pixabay PublicDomainPictures 

Lovely bookshop cafes to read in, perfect for a culture trip while in London:

- Brompton Café & Bookshop - near Victoria and Albert Museum
- Nomad Books - Fulham - great place if you have kids; here they also have a monthly Modern Book Club
- Paper and Cup - Shoreditch - mostly second-hand books, wonderful treats, and yummy coffee
- Phlox Books - Leyton - an independent bookshop with a variety of books, coffee, and even booze 
- The London Review Bookshop - very close to British Museum - a nice bookstore café and cake shop
- Boulangerie Jade - Woolwich - a very small selection of books, yet absolutely gorgeous pastries, cakes, mouth-watering Pistachio Madeleines and éclairs, and perhaps one of the best cappuccino’s in London - be aware, new addiction!

Levant Book Café 

Park Royal - for some could be a bit far, but quite safe and definitely worth visiting it

This tiny and cozy book café, unique in London, has a 1960's themed setting, including a lovely outside seating area, seems the perfect place to relax and spend time with family or friends in a Syrian atmosphere - surrounded by music and authentic interior decor in specific colors down to the finest detail - and get the taste of Middle Eastern magic.

Inside can accommodate about 8 - 10 people at once, and the atmosphere is typically family-friendly as most Arab establishments are in the Middle East.

Levant book café is selling delicious traditional Syrian pastry food, sweets with plenty of pistachios and traditional Damascus sticky rich flavored ice cream that can be only found in Syria, with reasonable price for the provided quality.
They don't have a hardback menu though so you choose from what's available at the counter and some desserts are freshly made on request. 
- Halawet el Jibn, madlouka and knafeh nabulseyeh with the aromatic syrup
- baklava pistachio ice cream
- ice cream with roses or pistachio, served in a flower shape

Inside the café are plenty of books filling the walls that give you the sensation that you’re enjoying your coffee or meal in a library.
There is a good collection of books from Arabic, English, and foreign literature, including children's books and various magazines, as well.
They offer the choice of borrowing a book from the shelf for up to a month.
Also, you can play board games and have tasty tea or coffee!

You’ll love this family-friendly place with welcoming staff members, one of the best places to try Syrian sweets and tea in London!

Coffee bookshop
Coffee book shop - Pixabay Engin Akyurt

Books For Cooks

Notting Hill 

This is an awesome coffee shop, a small yet very well organized book store, easy to navigate that offers an amazing collection of cookery books, a varied selection of coffees, and amazing food freshly cooked where you could either try unusual recipes or take the challenge to improve your cooking skills.

There are cookbooks from all over the world, that will meet all your culinary needs, type of cooking, country, or region, some are from a series of favorite cookery books, and not too expensive to buy.

The lovely ingenious thing is that in the back of the shop is tucked a secret gem.
Here the local chef chooses each day 2 new different recipes from the cookbooks displayed in the book shop tempting customers willing to try the results...then you could buy the book with a favorite tested recipe.

If you don't mind to queue for a little while and have your lunch at 12:00 pm, as there is only one sitting, you’ll be delighted with a healthy and delicious 3-course-meal for less than £10 with the best pudding in London.

Books For Cooks” offers a wonderful ambiance for lunching writers or freelancers, a cozy place with a charming atmosphere; the owner is super friendly, the staff very helpful and the cook a real joy as he’s extremely talented.

You’ll definitely be charmed by the magic of this tiny coffee book shop and keep smiling for the whole day!

Bookshop cafes
Bookshop cafe - Pixabay Lisinha

Vanilla Black Coffee & Books

A top spot when you are in Kennington

A truly marvelous little coffee shop created from an old converted library, now with a lovely layout and good selection of cooking books and gifts that add texture and tone.
The new owners chose a beautiful decor inside and have kept the books for coffee lovers as a special treat to indulge it and read while sipping on their favorite drink - the red velvet latte is divine!
A sleek, modern cafe with a bright and inviting interior (that most probably serves the best coffee in the area), perfect to catch up with friends or just hanging out, as well as a great place for a quiet cup of coffee or to spend some time reading a book :) 

The outdoor garden at the back is a perfect outside seating area for sunny days.
The downstairs one - a cozy (eventually romantic) seating room with fireplace perfect to read and warm up with a flavored drink on a cold winter day. 

The staff is very friendly, great chill environment and nice music tunes, tasty fresh food and drinks and smoothies. 
You may like their absolutely delicious breakfast or brunch and opt for their: salads, toasts, and eggs, bacon and feta on avocado toast, gorgeous mixed mushrooms, white bean and pesto on toast, or toasted banana bread.
They serve an assortment of baked goodies and a good and affordable vegan selection, as well. 

You can also take home a bag with freshly ground coffee beans that will surround you with a mesmerizing aroma.

One cannot go wrong by stopping the past.

Love to hear about your favorite unique and friendly coffee book shop in London!

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