Experience the Julemarked and joyful Norwegian Christmas market

Julemarked is one of the most joyful Norwegian Christmas market and traditions

Winter holidays are the most cheerful days of the year when everyone celebrates Christmas and is preparing for a sparkling coming New Year, and every single place is surrounded by a special atmosphere - dancing snowflakes, a delicate pine tree scent blended with Christmas traditional cakes, gingerbread cookies, boiled wine with flavored spices, roasted chestnuts, Christmas carols and crispy voices of children choirs, Santa Claus and reindeer... 

Julemarked Norwegian Christmas market
Julemarked Norwegian Christmas - Flickr Bent Inge Ask

December is the perfect time when we celebrate the romance and magic of a traditional Christmas with family, friends, and even alone.

Many locals and tourists coming from different corners of the world are enjoying winter markets where they have the opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts, Christmas food delicacies, and various home decorations.

And what would be most enjoyable than to ramble around a Julemarked/ Christmas Market, looking for joyful gifts for special persons in our life? : )

Julemarked Norwegian Christmas market
Julemarked Norwegian Christmas market - Pixabay Bruno

It is said that the European Christmas Market origins are from the Tyrol area in Austria and Germany, and nowadays became a wonderful annual tradition spread worldwide.

Nowadays, Julemarked (Christmas markets) are all around Norway, and you can travel to your desired destination and choose from a wide variety of locally handcrafted products inspired by the Scandinavian old culture - handmade paintings, art glass, and pottery, furniture, lamps, jewelry or even designed clothes - or attend a unique workshop - sheep shearing, wood carvings, activities for children, folk dancing, reindeer, horse and sleigh (free rides for the children), homemade products and Christmas decorations for sale.

Christmas market Norway
Christmas market Norway - Pixabay Mahdi Fleckner

In Norway, most companies, museums, galleries, and various associations are organizing their own Christmas markets where they sell unique, handmade products along with special activities, traditional concerts and festivities, and events attended by professional and amateur artists where they can sell their own pieces of art in any form - from organic jams or cheese from farms, homemade soap and cookies, various herbs, wool sweaters knitted with Norwegian pattern, to paintings, jewelry, pottery or another piece of art - and one can have a cup of coffee with Norwegian Christmas specialties and feel the magnificent Christmas spirit at any step around the place.

Visit any Norwegian Julemarked/ Christmas Market, enjoy the holiday atmosphere, catch a glimpse of the northern lights, and buy unique gifts for family and friends!

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