Valuable tips for how to DIS-organize your fridge for fizz

Useful and valuable tips for how to DIS-organize your fridge - any woman needs to know

Here we’ll have some valuable tips for how to DEZ-organize your fridge and create more space for FIZZ! 
Yes, nothing brings more joy to any of us, ladies over fifty-something, as a well deserved chilled glass of sparkling champagne!

Tips to organize your fridge fizz
Organize your fizz fridge - Flickr TjerkAeiouy

Did it ever happen to find yourself, early on a Saturday morning, sleepy, still longing for your pillow, yet with a kicking appetite for a special breakfast, searching for your favorite slice of bacon into the fridge?
You had all the goodwill to prepare a delicious English breakfast for yourself or the entire family, and noticed that you knew very well where’s the champagne bottle for the girls' party, yet not sure if the bacon was on the top shelf, the bottom one, or on the door, and it took few moments to find it among other goodies there?

Do not worry about this, all you need are only a few simple tips about how to organize your refrigerator and/ or mini-fridge… be it for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well!

Once you'll learn these basic rules for how to disorganize a cluttered fridge, you may play with your kids and teach them, also, how and where to put the milk, vegetables, cheese, natural juice, or ice-cream, for how long each item can be stored and preserved, and help you in the kitchen when you'll need their quick assistance while preparing a Saturday or Sunday delicious meal. 
It should be fun! Like hide-and-seek! And at least you’ll know that the fizz's in a safe chill place!

And no matter if you are vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, these tips for how to organize your refrigerator or mini-fridge, are useful for all!

How to organize your fridge
Organize your fridge - Pixabay Difisher

It is known that vegetarians and vegans prefer to exclude animal products from their daily consumption.

Our vegetarian friends do not eat: meat, eggs, fish, shrimps and fish eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products, and any other products with animal source, even honey, edible worms, and any insect product, so the tips for how to organize a refrigerator or mini fridge will be sooo simple and easy for them.

The most common items in a vegetarian's refrigerator would be vegetables, fruits, salads, natural juices and smoothies, wines, compotes, jams, fruit jellies, vegetable oils, almond milk, soya milk, tofu products, cakes, pastry and dough, and the beloved ice-cream.

A vegetarian's fridge could be easily organized

So, a vegetarian's fridge could be easily organized, from the lowest section up to the freezer, as following:

- Vegetables: they need a drop of humidity to be preserved longer, and can be stored perfectly in the bottom drawer of the fridge, or in the compartment specially designed for vegetables.
Exception - mushrooms - which if are stored in a humid place they can get rotten and create fungus...

- Fruits: they need less humidity compared to vegetables and can be stored perfectly at the lowest level inside the fridge, usually in plastic bags (eventually with small holes) or inside those nets special for fruits.

- Vegetarian sauces, mayonnaise, and ketchup: they can be stored on the fridge's door, in specially designed spaces and small compartments, where they can resist longer (also due to added salt and vinegar percentage contained by such products).

- Juices: if they are pre-boiled/ pasteurized they will be stored on the fridge door, and if they are freshly prepared, on the lowest shelf, where is cooler.

- Wines: best place for some wines (cause not any wine is recommended to be kept in a cooler place, few need room temperature) is the door of the refrigerator.

- Cakes, pastry, and dough: can be refrigerated - on the first or second shelf of the fridge, up to 2 - 3 days (the dried ones even a bit longer, while the moisturized ones a bit less), covered in plastic bags or special recipients/ containers, to protect them against bacteria and inner odors transfer.

- Ice cream and ice cubs - are any fridge's favorite with plenty of space for them - on the upper shelf, the freezer!

Here you can store, also, green leaves of dill, parsley, and basil, washed and wrapped up in polyethylene film - perfect to take them out, cut a bit, and spread over a soup, salad, or yummy meal, to add a fresh flavor.

Tips to organize your refrigerator
Organize your refrigerator - Flickr Deanna Piercy

For the rest of us, non-vegans and non-vegetarians, inside our fridge, besides what one can see in a vegetarian or vegan refrigerator, you will find all kind of other goodies of animal origin: pork steaks, salami, bacon, eggs, fish, shrimps and fish eggs, milk, feta cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cakes, and so many other more or less gourmet products.

The fridge or mini-refrigerator for a common omnivore human beings 

(yes, that would be you, me, and few others!), could be organized easily, from the lowest section up to the freezer, as following:

- Ready meals, snacks - ready for consumption - can be stored on the first shelf.

- Eggs: best storage place for them (always washed before) is on the door, in a designated place, where is a constant temperature.

- Milk, yogurt, sour cream, and other dairy products: it is recommended to keep it in a cooler place, preferably on the second shelf from the bottom, on top of the vegetables drawer/ shelf.

- Butter, Brie/ Camembert cheese, goat cheese, and other soft cheeses: do not need very low temperatures, so they can be stores either on the fridge's door, underneath the eggs, or on the second or third shelf (in the middle section of the refrigerator).

- Fresh meat: is preferably to preserve it on the lowest shelf, where is the coolest temperature inside the fridge. Also, in case it drips does not mess all the other products from inside. In case you want to preserve meat for longer, then it can be put inside the freezer for 2-3 days for the fish and up to 7 days for the other meat (chicken, lamb, pork, beef, etc).

Organize your mini-fridge
Organize your mini-fridge - Flickr Olga Antonenko

Now, we have the mini-fridge

This tiny appliance is perfect for offices, small rooms or apartments, hotel rooms, boats, yachts, bars, and mini bars, for cars and picnics.

They can be portable - to carry them everywhere needed - or fixed, incorporated in a wall or piece of furniture, a corner of a room, or wherever desired; and compact - that keeps your food and beverages cold!   

Mini refrigerators can be with a single compartment, 2 or 3; some they do have also a freezing section/ freezer and compartments on the door.

So, the mini-fridge will be the easiest to keep clean and organized - considering it at a smaller scale than a regular refrigerator - but a great help for storing inside a few main foods and beverages for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well.

Some tips for other food products as well:

- Canned food: usually canned food does not require very low temperature, and is better to read the label and storage instructions for each product.

- Potatoes and onions: they can be stored in a dry place, avoiding direct (sun) light, even at room temperature, outside the fridge, and never near to each other (due to certain chemical reaction that appears between them).
Only parboiled potatoes for French-fries should be kept in a refrigerator or freezer, depending on how quickly one intends to prepare them.

- No matter if you have a refrigerator, a mini-fridge, or a cooler, always, but always you have to keep them clean and well organized to utilize them at maximum capacity, efficiently, and more importantly, for you to keep healthy eating as much possible fresh food. 

Btw, do not keep food in the fridge for ages, nothing should be kept more than a week there…except the water, beer, wine, and fizz!

- Also, defrost them according to specifications and make sure all plugs and cables are protected and intact (no scratches, no improvisations)!

Ooops, now all organized, yet where’s that piece of bacon now?
Hurray, no worries, found the fizzy champagne!

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