Blueberry the wonder fruit

Blueberry the bluish wonder fruit

Blueberry is the blue wonder fruit perfect for our health and diet, a super-food that brings us lots of benefits, especially when over the fifties.
So, let's take advantage of this delicious fruit offered to us by Mother Nature preparing a fresh natural blueberries juice for a morning boost, now! :)

This delicious small fruit with indigo-colored berries and a flared crown is sweet-sour, flavored, tasty, and sooo juicy.

Blueberries, like all the other berries or wild fruits, are telling us that summer will end soon and it's time to prepare our system for colder days, and improve our immunity, and start including into your daily diet blueberry juices, preferably raw blueberries, and cooked as well - like jam, jelly, sorbets, cakes, pies, ice-creams, cocktails, other desserts, or else, as you enjoy best.

Blueberry blue wonder fruit
Blueberry wonder fruit - Pixabay SilviaRita

According to medical researches, blueberries are very rich in antioxidants, fibers, micro-nutrients, vitamins: A, B, C, E, K, manganese, all so beneficial to our system, considered the true blue food, with  important properties as general tonic increasing our system stamina/ resistance to infections.

Blueberry is highly recommended for:

- atherosclerosis,
- brain damage, heart disease,
- cholesterol and blood lipid levels,
- detoxifies liver and kidneys,
- fever, cough, angina, and laryngitis,
- protecting us against cancer (and based on recent studies, it is said that blueberries are a great support for our system in case of radiotherapy),
- rheumatism,
- strengthening against heart diseases and prevents the infarct,
- visual deficiencies (highly recommended for eye macular degeneration),
- and for reversing type-2 diabetes.

Also, it is said that consumption of raw blueberry helps to:

- improve brain functions and memory - being recommended while learning and for seniors,
- boost our mood and it seems to work perfectly against occasional depression moments,
- are making wonders for losing weight (they belong to that type of food that consumes more calories during digestion than the number of calories contained in fruits).

So, dear ladies and readers, try to include in your daily diet raw and fresh blueberries to keep your impressive smile on your face, all day long! :)

Blueberry delicious fresh juice
Blueberry fresh juice - Pixabay SilviaRita

Lots of benefits, sooo let's take advantage of this delicious fruit by preparing a fresh natural blueberries juice! :)

Wish to make a quick blueberry juice and looking for an easy recipe?
Use fresh blueberries and prepare the best blueberry natural juice recipe for a healthy system and healthy living!

Blueberries juice preparation:

- 2 cups blueberry
- zest from 1/2 lemon or lime
- 1 cup of water
You can, also, add apples, raspberries, strawberries, banana, beetroot, celery, and/ or any other fruit or vegetable you love.
- rinse the fruits thoroughly to get rid of any dust or debris
- if you add other fruits, cut them into smaller pieces
- put everything (except the lemon juice) in a blender and mix them until turn into a creamy puree
- either consume it as a puree or use a strainer to separate the juice and pulp
- now add the lemon juice, stir well and serve it in glasses, eventually topping with a fresh mint leaf, a very fine slice of lemon (for a colorful splash), and ice-cubes.

3 ways to preserve the blueberry juice for longer:

- Blueberries juice can be kept for immediate consumption up to 4 or 6 hours in the refrigerator,
and also can be stored for longer (about 12 months) by freezing.

- To preserve its color, mix it with lemon juice (3 tablespoons at 1 liter of juice) or vitamin C (1 pill at 1 liter of juice), mix everything well, pour into ice cube trays are place it into the freezer.
When frozen, remove cubes, place them in a polyethylene bag, and store in a freezer basket./ section.
For consumption after freezing, simply remove the juice cubes from the freezer, put them into glasses, add sugar and mineral or soda water, stir well with a stainless steel spoon and serve it into a tall glass with a straw.

- If needed to preserve the blueberry juice even for longer, then the best way is to pasteurize it.

Blueberries facial mask
Blueberries facial mask - Flickr Rebecca

Besides all the health benefits that blueberries are offering to us - mentioned above - they are also a perfect cosmetic remedy, recommended especially for dry skin.

DIY - a facial mask made from fresh blueberries that will help revitalize your skin appearance within minutes!

- 50 gr blueberries,
- 1 tbs honey,
- 1 tbs olive oil,
- 1 tbs sugar (preferably brown sugar).

Facial mask preparation:
Pour everything into a blender and mix well, then apply the obtained natural mask on your face (avoiding eyes area and nostrils).
Let it get dry for about 10 min., then rinse the face well with water at room temperature, and you'll feel great and amazed by the result.
You may repeat the treatment once a week.

Enjoy the delicious and versatile blueberry wonder fruit that definitely brings you joy - in and out - over the fifties!

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