The amazing benefits of furry pet friends

The amazing benefits of owning a furry pet 

The benefits of pets for people over fifties - your furry friends and best personal trainers you could ever ask for!

Our furry pets manage to bring so much joy into our lives especially when we after fifty and life takes us on a new route.
With no effort at all, they make us laugh, keep active, socialize, comfort us when we get sick or sad, and are always there for us, offering their unconditional love no matter what. 

Your furry pet will be your playful companion while jogging, walking on a golden sandy beach or in a park, reading a book, enjoying a tasty coffee, watching TV, and keep an eye on your blooming garden.

It may not be easy for everyone to understand that special bond created with our furry friends and realize the positive impact pets in general, furry or not, have on their owners. 

All pets, and especially the furry ones, dogs, and cats help us go more outdoors, exercise, be active and rediscover playfulness, socialize and ease loneliness, anxiety, or depression, reduce stress, and even improve your immune system.

Playful furry pet friend
Playful furry pet friend - Pixabay Dave Francis

11 great health benefits of having a furry friend, cat, or dog

From reducing heart disease to improving mood and wellbeing, there are plenty of scientifically proven ways a pet can improve your general well-being. 

1. Most important - pets reduce your risk of heart disease - It is well known that regular exercise (walking your dog daily), plus as much possible a healthy diet and controlled medication will keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control, and recent studies confirmed the link between lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in pet owners.

2. Decreased feelings of loneliness - a pet makes sure you’re never lonely!
When you have a partner or family around you may not feel lonely, yet for the ones living alone and with not too many friends, it can get terribly lonesome at times. Owning a pet could be a great, cheerful, and playful companion!
Dogs and cats will always be there waiting for you to come home and they’ll be so hoppy happy to listen to you moaning about a dreadful working day, comment about the latest episode from favorite serial, your new cooking plans, or even while singing in the shower. 
Moreover, your furry friend could keep you warm on a chill day as, most of the time, they’re up to snuggle on the couch next to you.

3. Pets keep you moving and fit! - owning a pet, it increases opportunities for exercise, both indoor and outdoor activities
Owning any house-bound pet (birds, bunnies, fish, tortoise, or else) require active care like feeding and petting, which helps to exercise and improve mobility along the time.
While furry pet owners are more active, playing with their cats or dogs inside the house or outside, increases the exercise time and health boost.
Cats are quite playful indoors, yet having a dog that requires daily walking to stay happy and healthy will definitely increase our activity levels.
We are humans, and at times bad weather, mood, or simply procrastination makes us lazy and not quite in the mood to go out, and a dog is a perfect cure! 
They are playful, enjoy being outdoors, and will be eager to drag you out of the house, forget about your TV and comfy sofa, and make you run around the alley and park every day… at least twice!

Furry pets walking outdoors
Furry pets walking outdoors - Pixabay Antranias

4. Pets can help you socialize and make friends
Owning a pet after fifty and spending time with a dog or cat will bring more responsibilities and make some changes into your daily routine, yet you’ll be less alone than before the furry friend came into your life.
Moreover, by walking your dog you’ll stay active, and being outdoors will create more opportunities to interact with other pet owners around your neighborhood and socialize.
It is known that the pet community (pet clubs and meet-ups) is incredibly welcoming and friendly and you’ll have the chance to find people with common interests and create bonds quickly.
People will always stop to talk to you about your dog and theirs in the park, share trimming and medical advice, or suggestions for lovely day trips with your furry companion.
And you may never know what around the corner - or park alley - walking a dog may help you meet the love of your life!

5. Pets improve communication - studies on patients suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia that may have not been very responsive to human interaction before, and participated in therapy sessions including animals managed to improve their verbal communication function and became more attentive upon the completion of the animal-assisted program.

6. Pets reduce visits to the doctor - furry pets help make you focus on more pleasant activities, and especially for people over fifties, demonstrated that pet-owners visit the doctor less regularly than those without pets.

7. Pets can sense cancer or other serious illness early - dogs’ sense capabilities and especially their smell is fantastic, some of them being able to detect cancer.
Several dog owners stated that their pet friend saved their lives after they noticed they were frequently sniffing, pawing at, or licking their skin that revealed to be a tumor hidden underneath.

Pet friends
Pet friends - Pixabay Gerhard G.

8. Pet friends can improve your immune system
Our furry friend pals are spending plenty of their time outside the house, in nearby parks, and therefore get in contact with nature and other pets, carrying on bacteria and germs that ultimately reach into your home and you. 
If the pet is not cared for, cleaned, and brushed immediately, this may affect you, yet some bacteria or germs will help to improve your immunity and catch less cold or other mild illnesses. 
If you noticed, toddlers living with a dog or cat are healthier and have a better immune system, less few symptoms or infections than the other ones.

9. The amazing mood-boosting power of pets 
People looking to bring more joy into their life when fifty-something, and decide to have a pet friend, will be more active, enthusiastic, and inspired than the ones living alone or in a monotone relationship.
Also, when personal circumstances change as a result of lifestyle or medication, some may feel lonely or less connected with family, friends, colleagues, and a furry pet will help you not only stay positive but be more involved, feel energetic, sociable, and cheerful.
10. Pets lower your stress level
Our nowadays life, in general, is quite stressful, and often the anxiety level and high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels could damage our health, yet a hoppy pet companion can really help us calm down, relax and smile.
Seeing your dog bringing a newspaper to you, stroking your lazy cat, listening to your bird chirp, watching golden fish swim around in a tank, or simply watch a tortoise slow walk can make all your worries vanish. 

11. Pets make you feel safe
If you are living alone in the house, and especially at late hours, or use to go walking and jogging, having a furry pet with you will make you feel a lot safer.
A cat or a dog can always feel a strange presence nearby, will get uneasy, and alert you. Although a cat may not be too noisy or protective, a dog definitely will start barking and will shush burglars away, especially if it’s a bigger one or special breed trained as a guard dog.

Furry pet companion
Furry pet companion - Pixabay Ilona Ilyes

The 8 best smaller companion dogs for people over fifties 

Perfect furry companions easy to handle, not very large, active or demanding, are the following breeds, all very intelligent and easy trainable:
- Beagle
- Boston terrier
- Cavalier King Charles spaniel/ Cocker spaniel
- Chihuahua
- Maltese Bichon
- Pembroke Welsh corgi
- Pomeranian
- Poodle 

11 disadvantages of having a furry pet

No doubt that having a pet could be amazing, they love you unconditioned, make your life full and beautiful every single day, and they could be more loyal and a better friend than a human, yet we have to consider also what it takes.
- Cleanliness and hygiene
- Cost - food, vetting, insurance
- Cannot take them everywhere - visits, stores, holidays
- People are scared
- Regular daily walks  
- Requires a shelter
- They can be dangerous at times – scared by people, sounds
- They shed - the furry ones
- Time commitment
- Training 
- Saying goodbye - Losing them is a heartbreak

Furry pets
Furry pets - Pixabay Bao_5

Pets are the best companion for kids

Keeping a pet in the house can provide valuable companionship for grandchildren.
Sharing the love and care of a pet friend will help kids be more healthy, active, responsible, feel secure, develop social skills and empathy, and often improves the bond between siblings.
Moreover, cuddling a pet reduces their loneliness and anxiety moments.
Children enjoy grooming their furry friends, teaching them tricks, and love to read to their pets!

Kindness toward your pet friends

It is a tough decision, like in a partnership, and your pet will be your companion till the end.

When you’ll decide to own a pet, you have to be fully responsible, kind, and respectful, and treat the animal with care and respect for as long as you’ll be together.

Do not turn against your pet friend, get bored, neglect, abandon, bit, or harm him; it’s a wonderful soul that will always be there for you and will never treat you bad no matter what.

And if you are a special loving human being, looking for a pet, you could even offer a welcoming home to a furry cat or dog from a rescue center that desperately needs you, that will never forget your kind gesture and will become the most devoted companion one could dream of.

Furry puppy pet friend
Furry pet friend - Pixabay StockSnap

If you’ll make a conscious decision to have a furry pet (no matter if a cat, dog, hamster, fish, or a bird), and count on all the benefits described above, you’ll be extremely happy with your loving companion and all that hard work worthwhile.

If you already own a pet, would like to know how your life changed and what is the funniest memory about your furry friend? 

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