7 super simple ways to find joy in life after fifties

7 super simple ways to find joy in life over the 50s

Finding joy in life could be both fun and challenging at times, especially in actual unexpected circumstances generated by COVID, when the spread of corona-virus made us isolate, live behind invisible walls… yet here are 7 super simple ways to find joy in life after fifties!
So, chin up, look forward to a better world around us, keep safe and naughty (as a good friend said), be kind, positive, and learn to find joy in every single moment and place.

Coffee pure joy for women over fifties
Coffee pure joy over the fifties - Pixabay David Mark

7 best ways to find simple joy for over the fifties anytime (while in lockdown or not):

Wake up to magic and allow yourself to have that feel-good fun with some hands-on lovely activities and ideas, take a challenge, embrace imperfection, and enjoy the new you with a smile!

1. Main step - bring light into your life! 

Yes, good light is always a pure joy, boosts health, and has the unique power to raise your spirit. 
While spending more time now indoors, clean and open your windows, change the curtains or blinds with the ones that allow light into the house, let the delicate morning sunbeams pamper your space (kitchen, living room, bedroom), let the light brought be each season twinkle around and enjoy the invisible warmth touch.
Put some flowers or a stained glass art-craft on your windowsill and let the sun play with a multitude of reflections.
And who knows, a lovely colorful butterfly may come your way, and confused finding its way out, may turn your lips in a large smile.
Yes, allow that special “hello sunshine” feeling to embrace you!

Bring light and joy for women over fifties
Light joy over fifties - Pixabay ImaArtist

2. Find a good, uplifting, and comforting book 

that you’d love to read or even reread, let yourself loose on the mysterious paths, characters, and settings revealed in front of you by the author, don’t rush, enjoy the reading journey, and reset your mood.
Add some fun and socialize by joining a virtual book club and read something which may not be your cup of tea, but will allow ruminating over, exchange opinions with other fellows, and perhaps gain a new friend with similar hobbies.

3. Create your own home-based spa 

prepare a cozy atmosphere and enjoy either an energizing shower with a touch of mint, citrus flowers scent to awaken your senses, or take your time and have a full soak with bubble bath foam or bath salt, even read in the bathtub your favorite book or the one suggested at the book club.
A clean hair and body is a bliss that always makes you feel more energized, ready to make things happen.
Chose your favorite moment, soothing palette and you may top it with a gentle massage with natural olive or coconut oil, or aromatherapy essential oils to nourish your delicate skin.

4. Keep walking… as Johnny Walker! 

A brisk or easy walk early in the morning or late evening to exercise while nourishing your soul.
And if you are lucky enough to have a park nearby, a country path or close to a forest trail, go outdoors, breathe fresh air, witness birds chirp, beautiful flower buds and petals, all the greenery revealed in front of your eyes till the horizon.

Looking at anything that pops up on the horizon could also improve your vision, as due to the latest addition to mobile phones, laptops, and TVs, we mainly get short-sighted, and our eyes muscles need constant exercise maintaining also our long sight vision.

If you love sightseeing and London, join an online video guided walking tour, learn about this fantastic city’s history, people, architecture, the world around you… and London’s pubs!

And here I would highly recommend 2 options:

Walking joy over fifties
Walking joy over fifties - Pixabay SilviaRita

5. Enjoy a flavored fresh cup of tea or coffee

– both easy to prepare and endlessly versatile.

Find your favorite cheerful mug, take time to prepare a delicious tea made of fresh natural leaves (no preservatives or chemicals), or a good coffee from freshly roasted and grind beans that surrounds you with a perfect savory aroma, and enjoy a crisp morning or a cosy evening in.

Don’t do anything else, just sit somewhere comfortable, let yourself sip from the mug, be aware of the velvety tea/ coffee flavor, relax, enjoy each second of your “liquid friend” and try to don’t think of anything, just be present in that moment with your own self, and smile.

6. Offer to yourself a well deserved digital detox time 

at least 2 hours a day or once a week.

In the last 3 decades, we got suffocated by technology and gadgets in everything we do; some got as a must work-related, others for day-to-day chores, others as a simple unhealthy addiction.
Why not improve your health life quality and get some space for real life, real you, in touch with anything but electronic devices and negative vibes once in a while?
Let your eyes find beauty elsewhere and trigger joy from simple things from nature and around you… few minutes, a couple of hours beside the bedtime.

7. Read a fun and lovely bed-time story to your kid, grandchild… or partner! 

Yeees, no type here, all of us would like to bring the child from us out once in a while, and no doubt we all recall valuable memories from childhood when one of our parents or grandparents were reading to us transporting our souls and minds to an imaginary world full of mysteries, fantasies, and characters that somehow influenced us along the way.

So, why not use your suave voice and offer a small pleasure to your dear one reading while putting her/ him to sleep and create a magical world and induce very good sleep.

Based on recent studies it is recommended to keep an activity journal - that will help you keep track and visualize your experiences. 

Jot down every single activity you take part in over a week or a month:
- exercising or meditating,
- cooking,
- meeting with family and or friends,
- a coffee or meal out with a good pal,
- writing correspondence,
- reading a book,
- traveling,
and for every activity answer to following 2 questions:
- did you enjoy the process?
- did other people around you enjoyed the connection and result?

There are no correct or wrong answers, is just part of your journey thru life, to discover yourself, what brings joy into your life and ways to improve it, what you'd like to pursue, have more often or include from now on.

Something has to change and you can do this, just follow these easy steps to find happiness and joy over the fifties every single day! 

And laugh, dare to laugh-out-loud every day, NOW!

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